Monday, January 10, 2011

Cape Wind: It Is About Time

Well look at that.  A week after announcing that I am switching over to a three-day posting regimen, I am finally posting something on time!

Today I woke up to an article about Cape Wind being cleared for construction, and my first reaction was similar to the last modern Star Wars movie:

"Finally, it is over."

Man, this character sucked.
The Cape Wind battle has been a long and relatively boring ordeal since its beginning in 2009. Never has there been a better demonstration of few rich old people holding up progress for their own aesthetic interests.  The main complaint was that the wind farm would destroy the scenic quality of the Nantucket Sound, which you can see in an artists rendition below:

You are probably thinking "EWWWWWW!," and who could blame you.  Those minuscule wind turbines are totally going to ruin the view out of your multi-million dollar beach house, but sacrifices MUST be made in the name of progress.

In all seriousness, this project has taken an unnecessarily long time to get to the construction phase, and hopefully once it is finally completed, it will set a precedent for other coastal areas to allow these farms to be constructed.  They don't damage the property value of these coastal residences at all, and may even increase the value over time with a cheaper source of energy.

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