Wednesday, January 12, 2011

California's Bright Future: Solar Along Highways

There are moments in my life where I wish there was a written document of me stating an idea because every now and then I will see one of my ideas that I had years ago STOLEN!

This was actually half the motivation behind me starting this blog, so that I have time-stamped records of some of my ideas so that I can take credit for them when they are made successful by other people in the future.

The other half of my motivation was for the women. Blogs get you ALL SORTS of women.

One idea that I had before the beginning of this blog was to use the Interstate Highway System as a backbone for alternative energy projects.  This would enable you to line the roads with solar panels as well as run high-capacity transmission lines along the federally owned land to the consumers.  That is as far as I thought about it though before I started daydreaming about leprechauns or something like that, but today I had the displeasure of reading one of the bullet points of Jerry Brown's plan energy plan through 2020:
Solar energy projects up to 20 megawatts in size should be built on public and private property throughout the state. For example, we should create the California Solar Highway by placing solar panels alongside our state highways.
Curse you, new governor of California! You stole the fleeting idea that I had years ago!


  1. Wouldn't having solar projects on federally protected land hurt private solar distributors?

  2. Federal land can be rented to private industries, which is how the government would handle solar projects along the highway system.

    Also, many solar projects still require certain levels of federal funding, so loaning the land to these industries is just another form of federal assistance.

    It isn't as cut and dry as I wrote it here, but I don't think it is that difficult.