Thursday, March 10, 2011

EPA Under Fire

Well, I suppose it is going to be impossible to avoid this topic, so why don't we dive into this whole EPA issue right now.

EPA: Evil Placebo Agency

Ammi' Right?! YEAH! Take THAT environmentalists! *High-fives a coal plant and skips away*

Recently, some Republicans in the House have decided to set their crosshairs directly on the EPA and their ability to adequately regulate GHG emissions. For those that are paying attention, it goes without saying that I think this is an absolutely terrible idea.

The following is a rundown of what the EPA will face, and I have bolded the things that are making my face melt off:
Republicans argue that the EPA’s plan to combat global warming is “bad economic policy” and could be the biggest threat to job creation the nation faces. The Houses spending bill proposes a 30% cut in the EPA’s budget, which would limit the agency’s ability to enact and enforce environmental protections in California and across the nation. [Editors Note: limit should read "break the agency's kneecaps"]
This is just another great example of private interests groups pressuring certain politicians to make bad long term decisions for short term gains. Sure, maybe some heavy polluting industries will be able to make a profit for a while, but a large part of the nation will never see this new influx of money and instead be subjected to dirtier air and a rapidly deteriorating global climate situation.

Also, by loosening up regulations on emissions, you are handicapping the adoption of cleaner technologies. Obviously I am against that, but the government should be as well. Every day I read an article about some other country investing in and advancing clean tech, a problem for America's desire to remain a leader in the global market place.

If you are like me and want to United States to advance its policies and not cut them off at the knees, I suggest you follow this link and voice your opinion: Contact Your Government

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