Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Internet Issues: Students Record Earth From Space On The Cheap

Well, it would appear that the post I tried submitting yesterday did not go through because my internet was apparently knocked out the entire time I wrote it.

It really is too bad because that post was destined to change the world, but it is lost now, never to be seen again. In lieu of this tragic loss, I am not going to spend too much time trying to make up for yesterday and instead point you in the direction of this cool article I found on BBC.

The entire article can be found here, but here is an excerpt from the article which pretty much sums up the coolness:
University of Sheffield PhD students Alex Baker and Chris Rose used a helium-filled balloon to send a foam box containing two small video cameras and a GPS tracker into the atmosphere.
The video they recorded can be found below, which cost them a little over £350.

On a related note, I too have recorded videos in the past. For example, this one time I recorded one of my friends hitting another friend in the face with a pillow.

It was hilarious, and just as cool as this video. Right?

...Right? Guys?

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